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UK Intellectual Property Office / The UK Patent Office
The UK body responsible for receiving, examining and granting UK patent, registered design or registered trade mark applications (previously known as the UK Patent Office).
One of the most useful free internet based tools, to have become available to any prospective patent applicant or inventive product / process designer. This provides relatively comprehensive coverage of prior published patents and patent applications from the UK, EPO and USA amongst others and represents a good cost-conscious starting point for investigating the originality of an idea.
The official European Union body responsible for registering trade marks and designs that are valid in all 27 countries of the EU.
The European Patent Office is the official body responsible for receiving, examining and granting patent applications that cover the member states of the EU and beyond (subject to national translation/ validation criteria being met at grant).
The member states for the purposes of the EPO are listed here:
The US Patent Office is responsible for receiving, examining and granting US patent, registered design or registered trademark applications and their website provides a further good database of prior patents and published patent applications.
And finally last, but not least ...
No introduction needed. Apply to enter the TV Den.
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