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Do you have a patentable idea? New to Intellectual Property? What to do next? Alban Patent Services can help you with our free initial consultation.


  • As a starting point, we recommend that you visit the Espacenet website patents database and do a keyword search of their database to see if your idea or invention is new.
    The patent search is free and provides relatively comprehensive coverage of prior published patents and patent applications. As such, it represents a good cost conscious starting point for investigating the originality of an idea or invention
  • Please contact us if you need help with the above search or if you need to discuss the results. Don't forget our special offer: up to an hour of free initial consultation with our Chartered UK and European Patent Attorney to discuss the procedures, strategy and (if time permits) the results
  • Alternatively, to supplement your own research, we can provide you with an affordable initial patent or design search to investigate the novelty of your invention, invention or design
  • If the results of the initial search are encouraging and you wish to apply for a patent or design protection, we can then draft, file and prosecute the applications for you or assist you to do so for youself
Are you a more experienced, established company with or without an existing portfolio of patents, designs or brands? What to do next? Alban Patent Services can help you with our free initial consultation.
  • Our low cost base enables us to offer you considerable cost savings in building or managing your portfolio of IP rights, while still providing you with a full expert professional service and support. As a bonus, we can also provide you with on-site consultations at your premises without the high call-out charges normally associated with on-site visits
  • For those who need help in commercial dealings with their Intellectual Property we can assist in preparation of licenses and assignment of rights
  • Alban Patent Services can also carry out Intellectual Property audits and advise and assist in relation to IP due diligence reviews
  • Where you need a review of the risk to you of infringing rights held by third parties (eg. prospective assignors, licensors or competitors) we can advise, carrying out freedom to use searches, providing legal opinions and, if appropriate, challenging the patents or registered designs of those third parties
  • For all of the above, please contact us for your free initial consultation






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